Before & After. Lotus Evora 400
Before & After. Lotus Evora 400. From the Lotus Factory test track at Hethel. We had a day with Hasselblad and I thought it would be nice to share this snap and before & after version. There was no hardcore photoshop in this picture but mostly adjustment in colours, contrast, hue. Added a little bit of blur and a new sky. Nothing too hardcore.
Before & After. Lotus Type-59.
Before & After. Lotus Type-59. The legendary car is back where it belongs to – Brands Hatch Circuit. I like to share my before & after shots and I love to see them from other photographers. You can discover how an average photo can turn into epic. In some other cases, how epic a shot shot is at time of taking, before any post-processing. At the end, there is always something new you can learn from them. You can see the whole gallery from this session here: James Hunt is back at Brands Hatch. Lotus Type-59. This particular picture was also featured back in 2016 in I SHOT IT competition and received Mark of Excellence.
The Making of Lotus Exige S Rigshot Timelapse
The Making of Lotus Exige S Rigshot Timelapse I’ve managed to record our efforts to create this rigshot of Lotus Exige S V6. We spent whole morning taking photos of this car but I totally forgot about my second camera… that’s the only thing I can share with you from “behind the scenes”. Whole process took about 20 minutes but I’ve managed to cut it down to reasonable, and not that boring, 1 minute. This is just a shot from nen angle but I’ve got more coming up! Lovely car, lovely location and a lot of fun, as always. Share, Like, Enjoy! Final image
Making of Honda NSX Rigshot
Making of Honda NSX Rigshot Short video showing how I got from an initial rigshot to my final image. Starting with cleanup of background and foreground, adding autumn leaves ending up with colour and contrast correction. For me the whole day was all about this one shot, despite the fact I took quite a lot of them (you can check out full gallery here: Autumn is coming. Honda NSX. I hope you like it and I will try to create more videos like this in future. As a bonus, below you can find few photos “behind the scenes”. Final image Behind the Scenes
Before & After. Lotus Evora GTE
Lotus Evora GTE (GT350) Lotus Evora GTE (GT350) #2 I had a chance to take for some photos before it went to the first owner. I did not expect a farm can be a nice location for such type of car, but final results are pretty damn good. I said this many times, but I will say it one more time: This is how Evora should look like from the very beginning, shame they made only 20 of this model. You can see whole gallery from this session here: The Delicious Monster. Lotus Evora GT350.
Before & After. Nissan 370Z GT Edition
Nissan 370Z GT Edition This time I thought it would be nice to share a Before & After of a rig shot I took back in 2014. There was a lot of photos taken that day but this one was only an experiment. I was wondering what I will get if I turn the front wheels, set long exposure time and just take few snaps. The final result was not thrilling but I knew there is something I can do to make it better. A little bit darker, more drama, colour temperature fix, more contrast, just regular stuff… and there you go. Lovely Nissan 370Z in move.
Before & After. Lotus Evora B&C Black Edition.
Lotus Evora S Black Edition First post from Before & After series introducing Lotus Evora I borrowed from Bell & Colvill a while ago. I took a lot of nice shots of this car during my lightht painting at night, just to see how hard it is to shoot a black matt car. It took a me a while to figure out how to take pictures with limited amount of light of a car like this. Nevertheless, it was a fun project for long winter(ish) night and I’m happy with the final results.