Photography Summary of 2017
Photography Summary of 2017 Summary of 2017 in my photos. I’m only showing the one I really like or those that are significant for me in some way. It was a great year and I’m hoping for even better 2018. Bring it on! ;) All the best for you guys and thank you for your support!
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Simply Japanese. National Motor Museum Beaulieu.
Simply Japanese. National Motor Museum Beaulieu. I haven’t been in this place for at least two years. Well, it was time to repair this mistake and have chosen to come to Simply Japanese meeting last week. I took my TypeR for a little trip and arrived to New Forest early morning, well before 9AM, moments before all car clubs were started arriving. I hate queues. As usually, there was a plenty of cars but a few were more than exotic, like ’88 Toyota Celica Supra. It is first time I saw an almost 30 years old car looking better than new. Amazing machine and owner apparently has in his garage more beauties like this one. Very interesting. I will let photos do the talking! Enjoy.  
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Making of Honda NSX Rigshot
Making of Honda NSX Rigshot Short video showing how I got from an initial rigshot to my final image. Starting with cleanup of background and foreground, adding autumn leaves ending up with colour and contrast correction. For me the whole day was all about this one shot, despite the fact I took quite a lot of them (you can check out full gallery here: Autumn is coming. Honda NSX. I hope you like it and I will try to create more videos like this in future. As a bonus, below you can find few photos “behind the scenes”. Final image Behind the Scenes
An Unexpected Journey. Honda Civic Type-R
An Unexpected Journey.Honda Civic Type-R Wales from a slightly different perspective, a petrol-head perspective. Great roads, a few cars and beautiful views, that’s what convinced me to do the trip around this amazing part of UK – 5 days , 1300 miles. From South East to North West, stopping everywhere I had hunch it might be a nice place. Well, most of my trip was based on “this looked like a nice spot on Google Maps”, and they truly were. Unfortunately not every place was suitable to take some car pictures. Civic Type-R was a great choice for such trip, as I don’t think I would enjoy it in a Lotus, for example. You know… Bags, girlfriend, a dog. Especially dog could be a problem in an Elise ;) That was a proper fun, a lot of driving and way to spend time doing what I really enjoy. Next year – Scotland, but it will probably take 2 weeks… ps. I did trip around Wales in Elise R few years ago, but I went lightweight and without my dog :)
Geneva International Motor Show 2015 Photos
Geneva International Motor Show 2015 Photos It was a really long day. Started somewhere around 3AM, just to catch an early flight to Geneva and come back to UK around 8PM. Long, intensive and really fun day with all those beauties (and cars too!) ;) My main goal was to photograph new Lotus Evora 400 for The Lotus Forums, but I had also a plenty of time just to walk around and take some photos. All those amazing cars in one place, just awesome! I’ve put a small gallery with only small selection of cars, but I hope you will enjoy it!
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Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX.
Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX. Everybody should have their own Pride and Joy. This is one of those amazing machines, people are jealous about. Factory condition 2004 Honda NSX, one of the last Japanese super cars, Japanese Ferraris produced by Honda. You won’t find them often on the streets and it’s almost impossible to find one like this here. If you love your car and would like some awesome pictures, I’m available for private photo shoots and I would be happy to help! You can find my contact details in “About” section.
Autumn is coming. Honda NSX.
Autumn is coming. Honda NSX. Honda NSX is still one of my dream cars and I finally had a chance to spend a day around it and take some pictures. It is always a pleasure to take photos of a such legendary machine. Back of late 80s, car was developed with a help F1 drivers – Satoru Nakajima and Ayrton Senna and it is probably the best car Honda ever made, quite often named “a japanese ferrari”. Still looks amazing and it’s worth to have one of these in your dream garage! The one we had few weeks ago, was a Charlotte Green ’92 NSX. Jonathan bought this car many years ago and he is slowly bringing it back to “a perfect state”. Worth to remind that this car is now 22 years old and is still used on everyday basis, like it should be. You can see his efforts around the car, especially in engine bay – it looks like new! :) I had some great help from my assistant and the car owner during the shots. It was really fun day despite mixed weather, and I was hoping for a little bit more sun. Anyway, no more boring […]