Simply Japanese. National Motor Museum Beaulieu.
Simply Japanese. National Motor Museum Beaulieu. I haven’t been in this place for at least two years. Well, it was time to repair this mistake and have chosen to come to Simply Japanese meeting last week. I took my TypeR for a little trip and arrived to New Forest early morning, well before 9AM, moments before all car clubs were started arriving. I hate queues. As usually, there was a plenty of cars but a few were more than exotic, like ’88 Toyota Celica Supra. It is first time I saw an almost 30 years old car looking better than new. Amazing machine and owner apparently has in his garage more beauties like this one. Very interesting. I will let photos do the talking! Enjoy.  
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Before & After. Nissan 370Z GT Edition
Nissan 370Z GT Edition This time I thought it would be nice to share a Before & After of a rig shot I took back in 2014. There was a lot of photos taken that day but this one was only an experiment. I was wondering what I will get if I turn the front wheels, set long exposure time and just take few snaps. The final result was not thrilling but I knew there is something I can do to make it better. A little bit darker, more drama, colour temperature fix, more contrast, just regular stuff… and there you go. Lovely Nissan 370Z in move.
Japanese Beauty. Nissan 370Z GT Edition
Japanese Beauty. Nissan 370Z GT Edition I thought it’s time to drop here something else than a Lotus-related post, but that does not mean I don’t love Lotus anymore ;) I’m in love with Japanese cars since I started to drive one (my first car was a Suzuki Swift). I had plenty of Japanese cars in the meantime and I’m always smiling when I see one on the streets, especially when you can notice a little bit of love put in a car by it’s owner. We spent a whole evening and half of night to take shots of this Nissan 370Z GT Edition. I know the owner of this car for a while – ex-owner of Evos, Skylines and this is a kind of guy, you want to buy a car from (if he will ever want to sell it!). Every small detail must be perfect, otherwise it is “not good enough”, it is always clean despite the fact it is driven every single day! Pleasure to look at knowing that there are people who do not treat cars like “another fridge”. Enjoy!