Photography Summary of 2017
Photography Summary of 2017 Summary of 2017 in my photos. I’m only showing the one I really like or those that are significant for me in some way. It was a great year and I’m hoping for even better 2018. Bring it on! ;) All the best for you guys and thank you for your support!
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The land of beauty. Iceland.
You can flick through the photos above or keep scrolling for the full story… The land of beauty. Iceland. I finally organised myself to make a trip to Iceland. Early flight, strong wind during landing, problem with the booked car, but all finally sorted out. We started by driving around to see how things look like and by the time we’ve got to the hotel, I knew, I will have to come back here again. Stunning views and managed to see a lot nice things and places around south & west part of the island. We did almost 2000km by car and many, many kilometres on foot (not enough in my opinion but I will fix it next time). Temperature outside is around 0 degrees and winds at 30km/h+ wasn’t that bad. Beautiful waterfalls, mountain views, volcanos, geysers, thermal streams… it is all just to much to describe in words. This is my first attempt with landscape photography and I’ve got a feeling not the last one. I hope you will enjoy it!   Suðurnes (Southern Peninsula) This is the area where we stayed, Keflavik. We’ve got it covered really well… The bridge on the below photos connects two continents […]
The Making of Lotus Exige S Rigshot Timelapse
The Making of Lotus Exige S Rigshot Timelapse I’ve managed to record our efforts to create this rigshot of Lotus Exige S V6. We spent whole morning taking photos of this car but I totally forgot about my second camera… that’s the only thing I can share with you from “behind the scenes”. Whole process took about 20 minutes but I’ve managed to cut it down to reasonable, and not that boring, 1 minute. This is just a shot from nen angle but I’ve got more coming up! Lovely car, lovely location and a lot of fun, as always. Share, Like, Enjoy! Final image
2016 Summary
This is just a short summary of passing 2016. Shame I can’t show you all photos but at least I picked my favourites and I’m sharing them with you in a one, big post. Every year is getting better and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!
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An Unexpected Journey. Honda Civic Type-R
An Unexpected Journey.Honda Civic Type-R Wales from a slightly different perspective, a petrol-head perspective. Great roads, a few cars and beautiful views, that’s what convinced me to do the trip around this amazing part of UK – 5 days , 1300 miles. From South East to North West, stopping everywhere I had hunch it might be a nice place. Well, most of my trip was based on “this looked like a nice spot on Google Maps”, and they truly were. Unfortunately not every place was suitable to take some car pictures. Civic Type-R was a great choice for such trip, as I don’t think I would enjoy it in a Lotus, for example. You know… Bags, girlfriend, a dog. Especially dog could be a problem in an Elise ;) That was a proper fun, a lot of driving and way to spend time doing what I really enjoy. Next year – Scotland, but it will probably take 2 weeks… ps. I did trip around Wales in Elise R few years ago, but I went lightweight and without my dog :)
Morgan & Lotus. Bell & Colvill Circuit Club
Morgan & Lotus. Bell & Colvill Circuit Club Trackdays are not only focused around cars, track, speed, corners. Quite often they are playing a part in our social live. Chance to meet new people, exchange experience, have a ride in somebody’s car. Experience is everything and learning is really important part of the day. Ultimately cars play most important part of the day and connect everybody into a group of friends. You must be a friend with somebody to trust him on a track, right? :) Guys from Bell & Colvill mixed two different cars – Lotus and Morgan. Both fast and both great to drive in a sunny day on the legendary circuit – Goodwood. Great day and a lot of fun. If you were participating in this event and you would like some high-res photos, please shoot me an email. If you don’t see your car here, that does not mean I don’t have any photos of it. Just drop me a message and tell me what I’m looking for. Big thanks to Aksela Photography for surviving with me the whole day ;)
For the love of Alfa. Alfa Romeo.
For the love of Alfa. Alfa Romeo. It was a really lovely day at Beaulieu, National Motor Museum. Simply Alfa meeting brought a lot of italian cars in different shapes, age and probably all possible colours – all loved by their owners ;) I thought to share some pictures from this meeting as I often do with snapshots from Lotus meetings. So there you go! Enjoy.
Rendezvous of Supercars. Salon Privé London.
Rendezvous of Supercars. Salon Privé London. Ferrari, Morgan, Lamborghini, Caterham, Lotus, Overfinch, Mustang, Maserati, Aston Martin, Porsche, RUF, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Pagani, Bentley, Bugatti, Spyker… You name it. This was truly amazing day with a lot of classics, supercars, hipercars and even a little bit of luxury. Salon Privé is a professional, manufacturer-supported event where carefully selected marques from around the world meet to display their very latest models openly on the Syon House lawns. I had a chance to spend there a whole day during The British Supercar Show and surprisingly we had no rain (my bad luck did not mess up this great event) ;) Plenty of fun and it’s always nice to see polished to perfection beauties, some of the rarest cars in the world, all in one place posing in front of your camera. Perfect day and I could not imagine a nicer start of my weekend. Special thanks to The Lotus Forums and Bell and Colvill
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Lotus Exige LF1 presented by Pastor Maldonado & Charles Pic
Lotus Exige LF1 presented by Pastor Maldonado & Charles Pic One day before F1 race starts at Silverstone, Lotus drivers, Pastor Maldonado and Charles Pic, presented new special edition Lotus Exige S LF1 in black, red and gold colours. Car will be offered for a limited time only so you better place your order fast, if you want to get one! Great evening and it was nice to meet people around there ;) Check out Axela’s website for more photos ;)
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Two engineering legends together. Lotus & Concorde
Two engineering legends together. Lotus & Concorde This was a sunny morning, which quite quickly turned into a typial British afternoon. We had a lot of rain which proved me that my jacket, shoes, one of the cameras and filters are not waterproof, at least not as much as I was expecting them to be. Probably the worst weather I was taking photos in, and at the end of the day, “wet” was new “dry” for me. Nevertheless, it was a great day and totally worth the sacrifice.
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