The future is now. BMW i8
The future is now. BMW i8 I picked up the car on Friday morning and spend a whole weekend around it. I used every single day for photos. We started in an old barn with strobe lights and we spent there around eight hours shooting the car from every possible angle. The next day was focused a little bit more causal on carparks’ top floors, including a lovely sunset and ended with a light painting session through the night with fellow photographers. Sunday morning in a forest and a few quick rig shots early morning. I did not have time to work on all the photos I have taken, but I tried to pick the best one from each day and share with you here. I really enjoyed the car. Drives lovely, looks stunning and those doors draw attenion everywhere you park and you try to get out of it. It was a fun experience and I can’t wait to get another amazing machine like that for a few days of fun.
The Storm Chaser. Lotus Evora GT430.
The Storm Chaser. Lotus Evora GT430. The real storm in pure shape. Mean, fast and loud. Only the good stuff. Lotus Evora GT430 one of sixty produced. Lotus did an amazing job with this car and build quality is really good, definitely a move in the right direction. We had an amazing day together, just two of us and the whole place for ourselves. I took a lot of pictures of this car and it joined to my collection of unique Evora GT350s (GTEs). I’ve got already more plans for photos of GT430 models in different colours and I will definitely share these with it’s time. Massive thanks to Lotus Silverstone for supplying the car, great hospitality and all their help throughout the day. I’m sure we will do a little bit more collaboration like this in future. You know, Exige Cup430 looks like a good candidate… Actually, we already had the photoshoot with an awesome yellow ‘xige. Watch out this space for photos!
One Sunday Morning. Lotus Exige S.
One Sunday Morning. Lotus Exige S.   It was one of those nice mornings, cold winter mornings with another Lotus. I saw this car first time at few years ago at B&C and I fell in love with white-red combo. I was surprirsed to see it in hands of ex-Evora owner. Checkout the video from this photoshoot! The Making of Lotus Exige S Rigshot Timelapse
The Making of Lotus Exige S Rigshot Timelapse
The Making of Lotus Exige S Rigshot Timelapse I’ve managed to record our efforts to create this rigshot of Lotus Exige S V6. We spent whole morning taking photos of this car but I totally forgot about my second camera… that’s the only thing I can share with you from “behind the scenes”. Whole process took about 20 minutes but I’ve managed to cut it down to reasonable, and not that boring, 1 minute. This is just a shot from nen angle but I’ve got more coming up! Lovely car, lovely location and a lot of fun, as always. Share, Like, Enjoy! Final image
It’s small, it’s cute, it’s fast, it’s mean. Lotus Elise Cup 250.
It’s small, it’s cute, it’s fast, it’s mean. Lotus Elise Cup 250. That’s all a good car should have. Great road car to enjoy a journey, perfect track car to leave behind most of competitors. Seriously, it is just slightly improved Cup 220 ;) I just had another chance to take this car for photos and drive around Lotus Test Track in Hethel, thanks to The Lotus Forums.
The fastest Lotus ever. Lotus 3-Eleven.
The fastest Lotus ever. Lotus 3-Eleven. This is the very first production car of Lotus 3-Eleven and it had to be in signature Lotus’ green & yellow colours (I like it more in silver). Great looking car and really, really fast with power-, mnoptto-weight ratio similar to Bugatti Veyron, although, this is faster, probably more fun to drive too, not mentioning cheaper (I know, I should not compare them). A proper driver-focused machine. If you are ever going to have a chance to drive it – DO IT! I had a chance to take it for some photos during Bell & Colvill’s trackday at Goodwood, unfortunately I did not have enough time to take some proper rigshots. 10 minutes of spare time was enough to take one moving shot and static photos were a higher priority for me that time. I’m happy to share with you this gallery and I hope you enjoy it. In the meantime, I will try to figure out how I can get a 3-Eleven for few hours to do some rig-shot-moving-awesome-shots ;)
Before & After. Nissan 370Z GT Edition
Nissan 370Z GT Edition This time I thought it would be nice to share a Before & After of a rig shot I took back in 2014. There was a lot of photos taken that day but this one was only an experiment. I was wondering what I will get if I turn the front wheels, set long exposure time and just take few snaps. The final result was not thrilling but I knew there is something I can do to make it better. A little bit darker, more drama, colour temperature fix, more contrast, just regular stuff… and there you go. Lovely Nissan 370Z in move.
Storm Trooper. Lotus Exige S.
Storm Trooper. Lotus Exige S A little bit of blast from the past with a beautiful Lotus Exige S in pearl white. Somebody said it looks like a Storm Trooper and this name definitely fit this car. One cold afternoon at Goodwood and we end up with some nice shots, mostly focusing on rig shots. I think this was third car I rigged. Not perfect, but few shots are pretty sweet. Enjoy!
Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX.
Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX. Everybody should have their own Pride and Joy. This is one of those amazing machines, people are jealous about. Factory condition 2004 Honda NSX, one of the last Japanese super cars, Japanese Ferraris produced by Honda. You won’t find them often on the streets and it’s almost impossible to find one like this here. If you love your car and would like some awesome pictures, I’m available for private photo shoots and I would be happy to help! You can find my contact details in “About” section.
Autumn is coming. Honda NSX.
Autumn is coming. Honda NSX. Honda NSX is still one of my dream cars and I finally had a chance to spend a day around it and take some pictures. It is always a pleasure to take photos of a such legendary machine. Back of late 80s, car was developed with a help F1 drivers – Satoru Nakajima and Ayrton Senna and it is probably the best car Honda ever made, quite often named “a japanese ferrari”. Still looks amazing and it’s worth to have one of these in your dream garage! The one we had few weeks ago, was a Charlotte Green ’92 NSX. Jonathan bought this car many years ago and he is slowly bringing it back to “a perfect state”. Worth to remind that this car is now 22 years old and is still used on everyday basis, like it should be. You can see his efforts around the car, especially in engine bay – it looks like new! :) I had some great help from my assistant and the car owner during the shots. It was really fun day despite mixed weather, and I was hoping for a little bit more sun. Anyway, no more boring […]