You can flick through the photos above or keep scrolling for the full story… My Geneva Story. Geneva Motorshow 2017. It’s a third time I went to Geneva and it’s always been worth the effort. Waking up early in the morning, flying and jumping straight into action, just moments after landing in Switzerland. It’s good to be one of the very first people too see everything before it gets busy. This time I decided to visit the show for two days, not one, so I knew I didn’t have to rush and I can take my time. Two days is more than enough to see everything four times, believe me. A lot of new cars, a lot of old (refreshed) models, but it’s a shame Lotus didn’t come to show something new, like Evora Roadster, maybe? I’m sure they had their reasons. Before I left, I planned to to have a closer look at a few cars like Honda Civic Type-R, Gemballa Avalanche, Infiniti Project Black S, Lamborghini Huracan Performante, BMW ACL2s and Mansory collection. Fortunately I had a chance to see much more and I’m going to show you all of the above and more on my photos (in […]

The Making of Lotus Exige S Rigshot Timelapse I’ve managed to record our efforts to create this rigshot of Lotus Exige S V6. We spent whole morning taking photos of this car but I totally forgot about my second camera… that’s the only thing I can share with you from “behind the scenes”. Whole process took about 20 minutes but I’ve managed to cut it down to reasonable, and not that boring, 1 minute. This is just a shot from nen angle but I’ve got more coming up! Lovely car, lovely location and a lot of fun, as always. Share, Like, Enjoy! Final image

This is just a short summary of passing 2016. Shame I can’t show you all photos but at least I picked my favourites and I’m sharing them with you in a one, big post. Every year is getting better and I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!

James Hunt is back at Brands Hatch. Lotus Type-59. “James Hunt won several races in his Molyslip Lotus 59, including coming 2nd in heat 1 and winning heat 2 at Brands Hatch 17th July 1970.” – After 46 years, his car is now back at this legendary circuit racing again! We had many beautiful cars at this year’s Lotus Festival and James’ Hunt car was one of them. Early Sunday morning we took it out from pit garages and take some legendary pictures, including a re-production of a photo taken before the race in 1970. Big thanks to Andy ‘Bibs’ Betts and Arnold Restoration Ltd.

Making of Honda NSX Rigshot Short video showing how I got from an initial rigshot to my final image. Starting with cleanup of background and foreground, adding autumn leaves ending up with colour and contrast correction. For me the whole day was all about this one shot, despite the fact I took quite a lot of them (you can check out full gallery here: Autumn is coming. Honda NSX. I hope you like it and I will try to create more videos like this in future. As a bonus, below you can find few photos “behind the scenes”. Final image Behind the Scenes

An Unexpected Journey.Honda Civic Type-R Wales from a slightly different perspective, a petrol-head perspective. Great roads, a few cars and beautiful views, that’s what convinced me to do the trip around this amazing part of UK – 5 days , 1300 miles. From South East to North West, stopping everywhere I had hunch it might be a nice place. Well, most of my trip was based on “this looked like a nice spot on Google Maps”, and they truly were. Unfortunately not every place was suitable to take some car pictures. Civic Type-R was a great choice for such trip, as I don’t think I would enjoy it in a Lotus, for example. You know… Bags, girlfriend, a dog. Especially dog could be a problem in an Elise ;) That was a proper fun, a lot of driving and way to spend time doing what I really enjoy. Next year – Scotland, but it will probably take 2 weeks… ps. I did trip around Wales in Elise R few years ago, but I went lightweight and without my dog :)

It’s small, it’s cute, it’s fast, it’s mean. Lotus Elise Cup 250. That’s all a good car should have. Great road car to enjoy a journey, perfect track car to leave behind most of competitors. Seriously, it is just slightly improved Cup 220 ;) I just had another chance to take this car for photos and drive around Lotus Test Track in Hethel, thanks to The Lotus Forums.

Lotus Evora GTE (GT350) Lotus Evora GTE (GT350) #2 I had a chance to take for some photos before it went to the first owner. I did not expect a farm can be a nice location for such type of car, but final results are pretty damn good. I said this many times, but I will say it one more time: This is how Evora should look like from the very beginning, shame they made only 20 of this model. You can see whole gallery from this session here: The Delicious Monster. Lotus Evora GT350.

The fastest Lotus ever. Lotus 3-Eleven. This is the very first production car of Lotus 3-Eleven and it had to be in signature Lotus’ green & yellow colours (I like it more in silver). Great looking car and really, really fast with power-, mnoptto-weight ratio similar to Bugatti Veyron, although, this is faster, probably more fun to drive too, not mentioning cheaper (I know, I should not compare them). A proper driver-focused machine. If you are ever going to have a chance to drive it – DO IT! I had a chance to take it for some photos during Bell & Colvill’s trackday at Goodwood, unfortunately I did not have enough time to take some proper rigshots. 10 minutes of spare time was enough to take one moving shot and static photos were a higher priority for me that time. I’m happy to share with you this gallery and I hope you enjoy it. In the meantime, I will try to figure out how I can get a 3-Eleven for few hours to do some rig-shot-moving-awesome-shots ;)

03 Mar 2016 Malcolm Feth In Event, Salon, Stories

It’s good to be back in Geneva. Again, thanks to my friends at The Lotus Forums who invited me for this small trip to take pictures of Lotus’ new cars. Press announced almost at 4PM and I had plenty of time to wonder around and see all those amazing cars! It’s like frikin’ Disnayland, but better! I’m sure most of you have already seen plenty of photos on different websites, but I’m sure you will find something new and interesting in my small gallery. Of course, this is only a small selection of pictures I have taken. You would get bored really fast if this gallery would contain 500+ photos. My favorites of the day – Lamborghini Centenario, new BMW M2 (I love it!), Mazda RX Concept and of course – Lazareth bike with 4.7l Maserati engine “inside”! ps. I really like what Lotus did with Evora 410 Sport, that’s how this car should look in a a first place!