Nissan 370Z GT Edition This time I thought it would be nice to share a Before & After of a rig shot I took back in 2014. There was a lot of photos taken that day but this one was only an experiment. I was wondering what I will get if I turn the front wheels, set long exposure time and just take few snaps. The final result was not thrilling but I knew there is something I can do to make it better. A little bit darker, more drama, colour temperature fix, more contrast, just regular stuff… and there you go. Lovely Nissan 370Z in move.

Autosport International Show. NEC Birmingham. This year I missed press days at the show and I was forced to visit it on Saturday. All good up to 11AM, amount of people was acceptable, but later it was just too much, so I did not manage to take a lot of photos. At least I tried, right? It was a fairly short day for me, but intensive… I like it this way! A lot of nice cars (as always) like new Lotus 3-Eleven, Porsche GT4 Clubsport, Arrinera, Hussarya, quite a lot of BMWs in every form and shape, new Zenos S10R… even Mad Max Mustang ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos.

Lotus Evora S Black Edition First post from Before & After series introducing Lotus Evora I borrowed from Bell & Colvill a while ago. I took a lot of nice shots of this car during my lightht painting at night, just to see how hard it is to shoot a black matt car. It took a me a while to figure out how to take pictures with limited amount of light of a car like this. Nevertheless, it was a fun project for long winter(ish) night and I’m happy with the final results.

04 Dec 2015 Malcolm Feth In Lotus, Photo shoot

The Supercar. Lotus Evora 400. I was lucky enough to take this car for a drive recently. I was unlucky to choose the worst possible day – really cold and wet, but that’s seems to be a typical whenever I shoot in this particular location. It happened to be me now 4 out 5 times already and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence. Despite a fog and rain, I took pictures of this lovely car, although I did not manage to do everything I wanted. Maybe next time and I definitely will take some rig shots! Kudos to Jamie from Bell & Colvill for the car and Valerie from Brooklands Museum for letting me take some shots there.

Storm Trooper. Lotus Exige S A little bit of blast from the past with a beautiful Lotus Exige S in pearl white. Somebody said it looks like a Storm Trooper and this name definitely fit this car. One cold afternoon at Goodwood and we end up with some nice shots, mostly focusing on rig shots. I think this was third car I rigged. Not perfect, but few shots are pretty sweet. Enjoy!

Ready to Race. Lotus Exige 360 CUP. Whole weekend during Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch was packed with cars & racing (what a surprise, right?). I was a very busy man, from early hours on Saturday morning, followed by a spontaneous photo shoot with this Exige, up to late hours on Sunday. I had a rare opportunity to borrow this car for a hour and take some great photos in pitlane. Not often I can use empty track to take some pictures of a car in perfect colour-combo, if you haven’t noticed yet, I like white-red-black mix :). Anyway, enjoy some photos as these are probably one of first shots taken by non-Lotus-factory person. Big thanks to Lotus for letting me take the car for this short session in pitlane!

18 May 2015 Malcolm Feth In Event, Lotus, Meeting, Photo shoot

Lotus Family, Our Family. We are just a one big family. Fast and beautiful cars, great people you can always rely on and more fun you can ever imagine. That’s what makes Lotus Car owners one of the most amazing car communities in the world. And I’ve seen many different ones, none can compare to this one, and I’m sure it’s the same outside of UK! So there you go, our “family photo” during TLF International Lotus Day​ at Brooklands Museum​. One of the biggest Lotus enthusiast events in the UK and still growing! 150 cars last year, now more than 200 and we are aiming for 300 next year. Hope to see you there next year! Thanks! ORDER PRINT FOR YOUR WALL! If you would like to order print of this photo, please contact me. Cost of A2 format (on black matt or gloss photo paper) is £50 and includes delivery within UK Mainland. Other sizes and international delivery available.

Morgan & Lotus. Bell & Colvill Circuit Club Trackdays are not only focused around cars, track, speed, corners. Quite often they are playing a part in our social live. Chance to meet new people, exchange experience, have a ride in somebody’s car. Experience is everything and learning is really important part of the day. Ultimately cars play most important part of the day and connect everybody into a group of friends. You must be a friend with somebody to trust him on a track, right? :) Guys from Bell & Colvill mixed two different cars – Lotus and Morgan. Both fast and both great to drive in a sunny day on the legendary circuit – Goodwood. Great day and a lot of fun. If you were participating in this event and you would like some high-res photos, please shoot me an email. If you don’t see your car here, that does not mean I don’t have any photos of it. Just drop me a message and tell me what I’m looking for. Big thanks to Aksela Photography for surviving with me the whole day ;)

Lotus Race Day Snetterton. Lotus Cup & Elise Trophy I wasn’t happy that I had to wake up around 5AM, but it was worth it. A cold, rainy morning turned into cloudy and windy afternoon, still cold though. We started with Lotus Cup series practice session, still on wet track, few races of Lotus Cup UK Speed Championship, mixed with Elise Trophy and some other random track activities. It was a really busy day and I had to be in a lot of places at the same time, hoping for some action and nice shots. I’ve got plenty of pictures from the event and a lot from of the racing cars on track too, but this gallery supposed to focus on race day that is usually not shown. I hope you like :) If you were participating on any races and Lotus Race Day at Snetterton and you would like some high-res photos, please shoot me an email. If you don’t see your car here, that does not mean I don’t have any photos of it. Just drop me a message and tell me what I’m looking for.

Geneva International Motor Show 2015 Photos It was a really long day. Started somewhere around 3AM, just to catch an early flight to Geneva and come back to UK around 8PM. Long, intensive and really fun day with all those beauties (and cars too!) ;) My main goal was to photograph new Lotus Evora 400 for The Lotus Forums, but I had also a plenty of time just to walk around and take some photos. All those amazing cars in one place, just awesome! I’ve put a small gallery with only small selection of cars, but I hope you will enjoy it!