Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX. Everybody should have their own Pride and Joy. This is one of those amazing machines, people are jealous about. Factory condition 2004 Honda NSX, one of the last Japanese super cars, Japanese Ferraris produced by Honda. You won’t find them often on the streets and it’s almost impossible to find one like this here. If you love your car and would like some awesome pictures, I’m available for private photo shoots and I would be happy to help! You can find my contact details in “About” section.

The Delicious Monster. Lotus Evora GT350. I saw this Evora few days ago when Bell and Covill posted some photos on Facebook. Yesterday morning I had a thought “It would be awesome to just take this car for few shots”. I grabbed my phone and text Jamie saying something around these lines: Hey Jamie, if you don’t mind, I will come tomorrow and take your GT350 for some shots. Few minutes later we were all set up to meet the next day around 10AM. What my surprise was, when I found out that my “location scouting car” for the day will be a chrome orange Exige S. Believe it or not, this car was perfect for this kind of job! We took it for an hour drive, speak with few people here and there and we got ourselves a nice place. It was time to come back and grab the proper car – Lotus Evora GT350, limited edition, 2 of 20 cars available for sale only. I was lucky to be one of the first people to drive it! I have driven many Lotuses in my life, Exiges, Evoras, Elises, Esprits… but none of them sounded as awesome as this […]

Autosport International Show & Performance Car Show It was another nice day surrounded by cars at the Autosport International Show. I’ve got a feeling it was a little bit smaller than last year, but few people did not agree with that statement. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun and I’ve managed to take some snapshots. Most of my focus was directed towards Lotus cars, but I found some time to take pictures everything that I considered “interesting enough”. I really liked Maxxis’ stand with 4×4. Probably my next favorite is Classic Lotus, where we could see few of Jim’s Clark winning Lotuses (F1, F2 and Indianapolis). This year was fully of every kind of simulators – VRs, multiscreens and curved screens… Such things are definitely getting more popular now and I wouldn’t mind to have something like this in my garage ;) Enjoy the photos and if you would like to see more Lotus pictures, visit our friends at The Lotus Forums.

Blue and Topless.Lotus Exige S Roadster. New Lotus Exige S Roadster (blast from the past, so it’s not really that “new” anymore). A while ago we went to visit Lotus Cars in Hethel to do some road and track test of new Lotus Exige S Roadster. We grabbed keys to our Exige (Nightfall Blue) and took it for a little ride around Norfolk country roads. After 2 hours of fun, we put the car on track reserved only for us – another 3 hours spent! I never had so much fun and it was first time when car make me feel a little bit sick (too many fast corners) ;) Of course, during our driving, we had plenty of time to take “few” pictures… Check out full blog post about this amazing machine on The Lotus Forums page: Driven: Exige S Roadster ps. Big thanks to Jason from Lotus Cars for driving me around the track in a minivan. I was expecting to take few fast corners in an Exige, but not in the back of a big minivan If you love your car and would like some awesome pictures, I’m available for private photo shoots and I would be […]

For the love of Alfa. Alfa Romeo. It was a really lovely day at Beaulieu, National Motor Museum. Simply Alfa meeting brought a lot of italian cars in different shapes, age and probably all possible colours – all loved by their owners ;) I thought to share some pictures from this meeting as I often do with snapshots from Lotus meetings. So there you go! Enjoy.

Autumn is coming. Honda NSX. Honda NSX is still one of my dream cars and I finally had a chance to spend a day around it and take some pictures. It is always a pleasure to take photos of a such legendary machine. Back of late 80s, car was developed with a help F1 drivers – Satoru Nakajima and Ayrton Senna and it is probably the best car Honda ever made, quite often named “a japanese ferrari”. Still looks amazing and it’s worth to have one of these in your dream garage! The one we had few weeks ago, was a Charlotte Green ’92 NSX. Jonathan bought this car many years ago and he is slowly bringing it back to “a perfect state”. Worth to remind that this car is now 22 years old and is still used on everyday basis, like it should be. You can see his efforts around the car, especially in engine bay – it looks like new! :) I had some great help from my assistant and the car owner during the shots. It was really fun day despite mixed weather, and I was hoping for a little bit more sun. Anyway, no more boring […]

Motorsport Goodness. Lotus Exige S Cup. A photo shoot we did a while ago with two Lotuses Exiges S Cup, Pewter Gray & Motorsport Green, owned by The Lotus Forums members. This session was fairly short (3 hours) and really spontaneous as found the location only a day before we met – New Forest National Park is a lovely place, not only for taking pictures. If you love your car and would like some awesome pictures, I’m available for private photo shoots and I would be happy to help! You can find my contact details in “About” section.

Rendezvous of Supercars. Salon Privé London. Ferrari, Morgan, Lamborghini, Caterham, Lotus, Overfinch, Mustang, Maserati, Aston Martin, Porsche, RUF, Jaguar, Koenigsegg, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Pagani, Bentley, Bugatti, Spyker… You name it. This was truly amazing day with a lot of classics, supercars, hipercars and even a little bit of luxury. Salon Privé is a professional, manufacturer-supported event where carefully selected marques from around the world meet to display their very latest models openly on the Syon House lawns. I had a chance to spend there a whole day during The British Supercar Show and surprisingly we had no rain (my bad luck did not mess up this great event) ;) Plenty of fun and it’s always nice to see polished to perfection beauties, some of the rarest cars in the world, all in one place posing in front of your camera. Perfect day and I could not imagine a nicer start of my weekend. Special thanks to The Lotus Forums and Bell and Colvill

Carbon Evolution. Lotus Evora GTE. Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch, 2014. We had a little bit of rain, as always, but this year was bigger than any previous event! A lot of lovely cars, amazing people and some proper track racing – Lotus Cup & Elise Trophy series. This time I want to focus only on a one, special and unique car – Lotus Evora GTE Carbon. 110kg lighter than regular GTE model and probably the most beautiful Evora ever made. According to Lotus, various tuning tweaks help increase the output of its 3.5-liter supercharged V-6 to 444 hp. I won’t waste more of your time… Enjoy the photos! ps. That would be dream car of my choice.

Japanese Beauty. Nissan 370Z GT Edition I thought it’s time to drop here something else than a Lotus-related post, but that does not mean I don’t love Lotus anymore ;) I’m in love with Japanese cars since I started to drive one (my first car was a Suzuki Swift). I had plenty of Japanese cars in the meantime and I’m always smiling when I see one on the streets, especially when you can notice a little bit of love put in a car by it’s owner. We spent a whole evening and half of night to take shots of this Nissan 370Z GT Edition. I know the owner of this car for a while – ex-owner of Evos, Skylines and this is a kind of guy, you want to buy a car from (if he will ever want to sell it!). Every small detail must be perfect, otherwise it is “not good enough”, it is always clean despite the fact it is driven every single day! Pleasure to look at knowing that there are people who do not treat cars like “another fridge”. Enjoy!