Blue is the new Black. Lotus Exige S1.

You know I am a Lotus fan and I had an Exige S2 a while ago, but I wouldn't say it was nearly as beautiful as this blue beast. I remember shooting a silver Elise S1 couple years ago at night - light painting. One thing that stuck in my head was how amazing the car...

Photography Summary of 2018

This has been a very intensive year and a lot of interesting things happened. I can only share a fraction of my work and yet and the idea is to share pictures I personally like and enjoyed working on. Year hasn't ended at the time of writing this post and I've got two...

The future is now. BMW i8

I picked up the car on Friday morning and spend a whole weekend around it. I used every single day for photos. We started in an old barn with strobe lights and we spent there around eight hours shooting the car from every possible angle. The next day was focused a...


Hello, my name is Andrew Winnicki (also known as Malcolm Feth) and I am a freelance car photographer based in Berkshire, UK. I am mainly focusing on editorial, brochure and private car shoots, this also involves digital post processing and editing.

If you wish to work with me, drop me an email at malcolmfeth(at)

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