An Unexpected Journey. Honda Civic Type-R

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Wales from a slightly different perspective, a petrol-head perspective. Great roads, a few cars and beautiful views, that's what convinced me to do the trip around this amazing part of UK - 5 days , 1300 miles. From South East to North West, stopping everywhere I had hunch it might be a nice place. Well, most of my trip was based on "this looked like a nice spot on Google Maps", and they truly were. Unfortunately not every place was suitable to take some car pictures.

Civic Type-R was a great choice for such trip, as I don't think I would enjoy it in a Lotus. You know... Bags, girlfriend, dog... Especially dog could be a problem in an Elise ;) That was a proper fun, a lot of driving and way to spend time doing what I really enjoy.

Next year - Scotland, but it will probably take 2 weeks... ps. I did trip around Wales in Elise R few years ago, but I went lightweight and without my dog :)

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