The Racing Car Show. Autosport 2020

It’s been two years since I visited NEC, Birmingham. The event got more significant and definitely more interesting compared to how I remember it from previous years. More space, more cars and still not that many people, which is good for me, of course. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new people around the show and learn more about their businesses, work and passion.

Held at the NEC, Birmingham since January 1991, Autosport International will be celebrating its 30th anniversary between the 9th and 12th January 2020. This annual pre-season event covers all areas of motorsport, both professional and grass roots, from karting right up to Formula One. Featuring the very latest in motorsport, automotive and performance engineering technology, alongside cars, stars and exhibitors from every level of motor racing. 

The performance & tuning part of the event is very impressive. I didn’t know that we’ve got so many fine car tuners and amazing car companies in the UK. And they modify everything in their line of sight – Bugattis, Lambos, Ferraris, but also pickups, trucks, vans! I just couldn’t resist an impression that BMW is still the most favourite car of the tuning scene. No company didn’t work on this brand. All tastefully modified, a few slightly too low, but you can really appreciate the amount of planning and work put behind those cars. Just beautiful.

Since I visited the even without a serious plan or agenda, I decided to bring my camera and take some snaps. Enjoy the photos!

Cars, racecars, supercars…

autosport aston martin racing

Pirelli & Aston Martin

The stand contained three competition cars, reflecting the diversity of Pirelli’s British motorsport campaigns, but it also hosted a pit-stop challenge simulator, as well as a display of P Zero tyres.

autosport bmw m2 stance


Not only the M2, but also other 2-series cars are probably the ideal base for modifications. I’m not surprised, to be honest. There was a fine selection of this car from different tuners and brands.

autosport bugatti mercedes
autosport kream developments gtr
autosport kream mercedes g

Kream Developments

Well, Mansory and their Xtreme 6×6 in a combo with equally ridiculous Bugatti Veyron. Both wrapped in unique colours. I’m guessing one is a daily driver, and the other one is for fishing trips ;) Of course, Kream brought a lot more cars, and they were all (mostly) lovely – Lamborhinis, GTRs etc…

autosport electric classic cars

Classic & Electric

RWB presented their modern take on a classic chassis. Electric engine, batteries, LEDs, screens. It’s a fully-loaded machine with 140 (real life) miles range and charge time as short as 3hrs. Enough to have fun and take it for a weekend drive around the British countryside. The plans are to start production in mid-2020. Sounds exciting!

autosport bentley racing

Eibach & Bentley

Power Maxed BTCC racing car made an appearance on the Eibach stand.

autosport bmw 2 mstyle
autosport bmw 2series mstyle

Mstyle BMW

The 2-series from MStyle was just another example of love for this car in the tunning community. By the way, this blue colour was ridicilously beatifuul!

autosport projex pickups
autosport liberty walk gtr
autosport maxton design bmw1
autosport hp tuners mercedes

Tuners and car modifications

With the tuning industry being transformed from a culture of street racing into an automotive art form that has captured enthusiasts’ imaginations. A stunning array of exotic, modified and tuned performance cars as well as car clubs, supercars and displays from top manufacturers within the industry.

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Even more cars…

Milltek Active Sound Exhaust

I really liked the new active sound system for electric cars. People are also putting it in diesel cars, surprisingly. These days law requires quieter cars, and this is a solution, plus, it is fully adjustable, and you can choose the sound — really cool system. By the way, on the video, I was using my foot to “rev the engine” ;)

autosport formula cars
autosport porsche lemans
autosport formula e

70 years of Autosport

Autosport International 2020 was hosting some of motorsport’s most revolutionary race cars for fans to enjoy, showcasing some of the most famous world-beating racing cars from seven glorious decades! You could enjoy a selection of race cars from every decade of motorsport history.

autosport dragster
autosport supercahrged


Dragsters are a part of the motorsport world, and you could find quite a lot of them around the place. Santa Pod Raceway had their separate stand with even more cars. Impressive selection in different flavours.

autosport deranged mercedes pickup


That’s an excellent way to show off a car. You could see Deranged stand from far away, and it was quite impressive. Lovely green Mercedes X pickup, high out there somewhere… You can see it, but you can’t touch it ;)

autosport ferrari 488
autosport jaguar race car
autosport porsche carrera cup
autosport rally fiesta
autosport event photography

Autosport in every flavour

All motorsport related things in one place. From performance cars, through supercars, motorsport, rally, track racing, go-karting, motorsport gear and even apparel. All in one place, under one roof

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