Blue is the new Black. Lotus Exige S1.

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You know I am a Lotus fan and I had an Exige S2 a while ago, but I wouldn't say it was nearly as beautiful as this blue beast. I remember shooting a silver Elise S1 couple years ago at night - light painting. One thing that stuck in my head was how amazing the car really is with the right light applied. How you can highlight or hide in a shadow those curves and lines. Silver is a really easy car to shoot and I always wanted to try a different colour.

Exige is a little bit different in shape (big bum) but it still have this classic lines and it was fantastic. I just couldn't get enough of it and I'm afraid they could leave me with the car whole weekend and I wouldn't mind. I shoot a lot of different cars, classic or modern supercars, but I don't think any other was surprising and exciting like this Exige. Ohh, well... It was the perfect choice for my project and this car joined The Lotus Legends series which I'm slowly putting together now.

I spent a whole morning with this lovely car and we had a great day. I must admit, this is one of the most complex photoshoot I've ever done. A lot of work with light to get all those curves and lines how I want them and quite intensive postprocessing to get all details how I imagined. Challenging and fun and totally worth the time invested to make it happen.

This photoshoot was my private project with Lotus Silverstone and they were kind enough to let me do it in their garage. I had limited amount of space that day and only 4 hours. A few days before Christmas is not the best time to organise photoshoots - a lesson learnt for the future. Nevertheless, it was a great day and the results are stunning.

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