Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX.

Everybody should have their Pride and Joy, and this particular one is an amazing machine people are jealous about. Factory condition 2004 Honda NSX, one of the last Japanese supercars, Japanese Ferraris produced by Honda. You won’t find them often on the streets, and it’s almost impossible to find one like this here.

When I was young, my first car was Suzuki Swift. Then later, I upgraded to my first Honda (CRX). I always dreamt about owning an NSX one day. It was (still is) the ultimate sportscar car for me, one of the best looking, with fantastic handling. As a boy, I had posters of an NSX on my wall, not Ferraris or Lambos. Many years later (20?) after owning one of my other dream cars, a Lotus, I decided to look for an NSX. What a disappointment when I found out the car has not enough headroom, and that meant owning such a machine would activate my spine problems. It wasn’t worth it.

That does not mean I don’t love these amazing cars and even better when I have a chance to be around cars like this, photograph then and occasionally take for a drive. Sounds like a win-win situation to me! Enjoy the photos.

Car photography rig shots
Honda nsx interior photos

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