Drive your car to its limits. VMAX200 MPH

This year brought a lot of surprises. We all had great plans, things to do, but probably no one planned such the challenge we all faced. The world decided to slightly adjust what is important to us. Fortunately, things are slowly picking up and we are back on track, almost back to normal. Things also started picking up in the automotive world.

After a long break, I’ve managed to get out of home and ended up at VMAX200 – the fastest car event you can imagine. It wasn’t the sunniest day of the year but it was such a pleasure to just be out around cars, people and just enjoy the day. All of it, every part, even clouds, which actually make a photographer’s life much easier.

Big thanks to Craig from Auto Vivendi for the invite!

Lamborghini SVJ drag race

What is this “VMAX”?

Vmax200 is the UK’s premier top–speed driving event where owners of sports cars, supercars and hypercars gather at a private runway to drive their cars to their limits. Amongst the non-stop action, participants set off in pairs and test their cars 0-60mph times as well as their top speeds. Since its launch in 2002, Vmax200 has hosted the World’s most exotic and iconic cars as owners come to explore their limits in a safe and controlled environment. Recent events saw a supercar showdown which featured the McLaren P1 & F1, Koenigsegg One:1, La Ferrari, Porsche 918 Spyder, Pagani Zonda & Bugatti Veyron Supersport amongst others!

Life before the (drag) race

The morning started quite chilli and very windy. Hard to say if the wind helped during the racing or not. It was also an early morning start for me as I had to leave around 5AM to be there just around 8 and prepare and have a proper look around. This was my first time at VMA and I have a feeling that it wasn’t the last time either.

auto vivendi vmax 200mph
Aston martin dbx new
mclaren 720s vmax
aston martin dbs

The event was organised together with Aston Martin so it should not surprise anyone that we could find there almost every flavour of their cars. That also came with some benefits. One of them is the shot below where all Astons were nicely lined up and posing for some pictures. We also took the new Vantage and put it on a start line for about half-hour. Plenty of time to take some good shots without any disruptions and time pressure. I will share the Vantage shots soon as I want to invest more time and do some serious work around them before showing to the public.

aston martin supercars vmax
vmax lamborghini svj
vmax racing auto vivendi
bms m5 race

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Ready to race?

A couple of tests runs, a sighting “lap” and all cars were back on the start line. Majority of them looked stock, but I’m sure some of them were hiding modifications under their hoods. The magic didn’t end here, oh no…. A couple of obvious monsters like Porsche 911 with a parachute (you know things are serious when you have a parachute in your car!). Another quite serious racer was a green Lambo BAT-I car. Let’s don’t forget about heavily tuned blue Audi R8. It was a good mix of cars. From fast saloons to proper race cars.

We also had guys from Car Throttle doing their episode for about buying a 150mph car for 1000 pounds. Check their video on YT, just search for “Can We Buy A 150mph Car For £1000?”.

vmax speed racing
vmax racing auto vivendi
vmax race preperation
hellcat drag race photos
supercar audi race
vmax car event photography

Day at VMAX 200MPH

lamborghini svj race

Whether you are a Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, McLaren, American Muscle or Mercedes fan, the way was packed with all of them and it’s worth popping in to test your own car to the limits and see how fast it can go! I’m really not sure if there is any point to say anything else here. You came to see photos of the cars, so maybe let’s focus on that… Enjoy!

lamborghini green vmax
audi r8 drag race vmax
bmw 8series race
evolve toyota supra new
mercedes AMG race
audi r8 white race
porsche 911 vmax
camaro zl1 chevrolet
nissan gtr vmax
bmw m5 vmax line

More photos…

white mclaren race vmax
orange aston martin vantage race
vmax results
evolve bmw m5 winner
lamborghini huracan spider
ford mustang
aston martin vmax photography
mclaren supercars photography
lamborghini green vmax
porsche lamborghini
supercars vmax race
honda nsx dragrace
mclaren race vmax

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