It’s cute, it’s mean. Lotus Elise Cup 250.

I felt in love with the first Elise Cup S as soon as I saw it coming. Elise Cup 250 is just another iteration of the same amazing car with more options like carbon spoilers and a little bit more weight saving here and there. Of course, let’s don’t forget about slightly higher power output at around 240 bhp. We had a chance to test this car properly at Lotus Factory in Hethel during our car review with The Lotus Forums. As you can expect, I was responsible for the photoshoot, rigshots and having fun, while somebody else was worried about what they truly think about the car and what they can tell us about it.

The Elise Cup is aimed at drivers who want to progress to taking their car on track and see the quicker laps times afforded and then having a clear upgrade path to a better car. If you wish to see yourself on the grid actually racing then this car also ticks that box while retaining the usability you’ll not get from a dedicated racer. Alternatively if you feel you’re driving at the limits of a standard car on track this is a level up and then if you wish, levels beyond. As a proposition this works well helping you gaining the skills required and then pushing yourself onwards to a more accomplished driver with a more confident car at the limits.

Elise taking corners rigshot
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