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Usually, around this time, I summarise my previous year, but this time I have decided to do something a little bit different. Since I’ve taken many great photos throughout my photography journey, I thought you might enjoy some free wallpapers for your desktop or smartphone devices.

I’ve selected 10 pictures and cropped them to FullHD (1080p) size in landscape and portrait. Now, I was trying to limit the selection only to the coolest 10. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve managed. The top 10 Lotus wallpapers… and a bonus one! So, I almost managed…

With each photo, you can find a short description and links to more shots if I have a blog post about it. Click on the image to download it!

Have an amazing “twenty-twenty-won”.

Lotus 3-Eleven

Lotus 3-Eleven is one of the fastest Lotus cars ever build and definitely on the hardcore side. You could say that it is a track-focused Exige, without a few useless bits like windshield, doors or roof. I guess there were just too heavy and who said a supercar even need them! I had a pleasure to shoot this car a while ago, and it’s quite unique as the chassis number is #311. Finished in black matt with black gloss stripes. Fantastic car and you can see a full blog post and more details here – Chassis no. 311 of 311. Lotus 3-Eleven

Lotus 3-Eleven desktop background
Lotus 3-Eleven smartphone background

Lotus Exige S1

This is one of those classic Lotus Heroes and probably the best looking Exige from all the generations so far. Lotus Exige S1 is not the most common car, so I couldn’t resist, had to include it in this collection. You can still find them for sale, but the price slowly increases. Worth getting one as a future collectable. You can check out more about this car here – Blue is the new Black. Lotus Exige S1

Lotus Exige S1 desktop wallpaper
Lotus Exige S1 smartphone wallpaper

Lotus Evora GT430

Evora GT430 is the essence of supercars and doesn’t sit in the heavyweight class. This particular car was one of the first GT430 delivered to a customer in the UK. I called guys at Lotus Silverstone and asked them if I can have it for a whole day for a photo shoot. That’s how much I wanted to do it. This was a perfect car for my Storm Chaser series. As you can imagine, we did not chase a tornado (it was chasing us). You can find out more about this car and more pics here- The Storm Chaser. Lotus Evora GT430

Lotus Evora GT430 desktop wallpaper
Lotus Evora GT430 smartphone wallpaper

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Lotus Evora 400

One of those photoshoots when you plan everything – sort out the car, get a great location, but the weather decides to add a little twist. This photoshoot was very wet. I was lucky to have the car for a whole weekend and ended up at Brooklands in heavy rain (not the first time, to be honest). The car looks stunning in this colour, and I thought this shot is particularly sweet as a smartphone background. It was taken on the Brooklands banking from the bridge above. During writing this post, I realised I have never created a blog post from this session. I have to fix that!

Lotus Evora 400 desktop wallpaper
Lotus Evora 400 smartphone wallpaper

Lotus Elise 250 CUP

I was invited by The Lotus Forums to visit Lotus Cars factory in Hethel to do a photoshoot of the new Lotus Elise 250 CUP. We spent a whole day driving and shooting the car, and at the end, I was so impressed with this little car. I always loved Elises, by this one is just the essence of fun and raw pleasure of driving. A few years later, I ended up owning one of these (love it!). You can find more about it here – It’s cute, it’s mean. Lotus Elise Cup 250

Lotus Elise Cup250 desktop wallpaper
Lotus Elise Cup250 smartphone wallpaper

Lotus Evora GT350 (GTE)

This was the very first Lotus Evora GT350, also knows as GTE. You might have seen the very first GTE which was all carbon, worth a sweet 150k and one of a kind Lotus. I had this #2 GTE for a whole day, and we did a photoshoot in a quite unusual place – a farm somewhere in Surrey. Not something you are expecting, but that’s what made this session more exciting and memorable. You can check out more about this car here – The Delicious Monster. Lotus Evora GT350

Lotus Evora GTE desktop wallpaper
Lotus Evora GTE mobile wallpaper

Lotus Elise 135

I couldn’t miss another classic and one of the most important cars Lotus ever made. A night photoshoot with a silver Lotus Elise S1, somewhere in Reading. This particular shot was probably taken around 2AM. Yes, it was a long night, but far away from boring. Unfortunately, I don’t have a blog post with more shots, so that must be enough for you.

Lotus Elise 135S desktop wallpaper
Lotus Elise 135S smartphone wallpaper

Lotus Exige 430 CUP

The very first Lotus Exige 430 CUP delivered to a final customer was in yellow, a hornet. Probably the best colour for a Lotus, or at least one of the most recognisable. Thanks to Lotus Silverstone, we did a photoshoot at Silverstone Circuit The Wing. This particular shot really stands out, and it was my choice for a wallpaper for a very long time. It’s time you can enjoy it too.

Lotus Exige Cup430 desktop background
Lotus Exige Cup430 mobile wallpaper

Lotus Evora S

This is a special edition Evora S for Bell & Colvill, and I believe there were only ten of them made. Black matt paint with some black gloss accents, including black wheels. The car looked stunning and really stood out. I was lucky to have it for a weekend and just enjoy it… of course, I spent a lot of time shooting it. Another example of a photoshoot I did, ended up posting shots on Insta and FB, but never put together a proper blog post. Ehh…

Lotus Evora S desktop wallpaper
Lotus Evora S smartphone wallpaper

Lotus Exige S Roadster

Back at Hethel again with The Lotus Forums. This time a photoshoot with a lovely looking yellow Exige Roadster (yes, again in yellow!). I guess I’m not the most hardcore Lotus owner as the roadster appeals to me much more than the version with a hardtop and big spoiler in the back. This particular car was with an auto gearbox, and we can all agree that this is not the right choice for a true Lotus fan.

Lotus Exige Roadster desktop wallpaper
Lotus Exige Roadster smartphone wallpaper

Bonus Lotus Exige GT3 Race Car

A very special photoshoot with an extraordinary machine. This is one of three GT3 cars ever produced by Lotus to compete in British GT3 series back in 2006 and 2007. More details and photos about this car soon on muy blog. Stay tuned and in the meantime, enjoy the wallpaper!

Lotus Exige GT3 Race Car wallpaper

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