Collection of blog posts on this site around automotive photography in many forms and flavours. From regular commercial work, through editorial photography and ending on personal projects. It could also be pictures from events, motorsport on-track racing, or some other totally random things with cars as the main subject.

The perfect family road trip car. Volvo XC60

Once in a while, I happen to end up with a reasonable car. A few years ago, it was a BMW X1, and we did a photoshoot on a beach in Spain. This time it was something even bigger - Volvo XC60. At least this time, it wasn't black. I'm not too fond of black cars, like...

A Real Race Car and Winner. Lotus Exige GT3

Short story behind the carLotus competed in the British GT3 series in 2006 alongside a race team called “Cadena Motorsport”. Two cars were built for the start of the season, chassis 1 & 2 of the GT3 Race Car – there was also a burnt orange showcar made to...

Lotus Heroes. Desktop and Smartphone Wallpapers.

A treat for your devices Usually, around this time, I summarise my previous year, but this time I have decided to do something a little bit different. Since I've taken many great photos throughout my photography journey, I thought you might enjoy some free wallpapers...

A very British Volcano Red. Caterham 420s

Caterham PhotoshootCaterham is a very British brand known from making cars for pure fun, no BS. The 7 is their most common and known range, and there is a reason why it looks and sounds familiar - Lotus 7. Simple and pure sports cars focused on driving. I don't want...
Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX.

Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX.

Everybody should have their Pride and Joy, and this particular one is an amazing machine people are jealous about. Factory condition 2004 Honda NSX, one of the last Japanese supercars, Japanese Ferraris produced by Honda. You won't find them often on the streets, and...

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