Rig shots

Action shots photography using a rig mounted on the car’s body. The results are pretty amazing, and this technique allows for truly photographic motion shots to be taken by the camera as it moves at the same pace as the subject. It gives an effect dynamic and high-speed motion blurring of the background, whilst keeping the subject sharp and in focus. This kind of photography is usually taken at long shutter speed; then the rig is edited out in Photoshop, leaving only the amazing shot, ready for post-processing. The results are at least impressive!

The future is now. BMW i8

My weekend started from picking up the car on Friday morning. I knew I would use every single day ahead of me for pics. It was a typical job of shooting a car for a private client who wanted some cool pictures of his supercar. I began with a photoshoot in an old barn...

The Storm Chaser. Lotus Evora GT430

The real storm in pure shape. Mean, fast and loud. Only the good stuff. Lotus Evora GT430 one of sixty produced. Lotus did an amazing job with this car and build quality is really good, definitely a move in the right direction. We had an amazing day together, just two...

One Sunday Morning. Lotus Exige S.

Photoshoot with a Lotus Exige S V6 for a client. Static shots and rigshots done on an early and cold morning in January. I saw this car first time at few years ago at B&C and I fell in love with white-red combo. I was surprirsed to see it in hands of ex-Evora...

It’s cute, it’s mean. Lotus Elise Cup 250.

I felt in love with the first Elise Cup S as soon as I saw it coming. Elise Cup 250 is just another iteration of the same amazing car with more options like carbon spoilers and a little bit more weight saving here and there. Of course, let's don't forget about...
Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX.

Deep Red Joy. Honda NSX.

Everybody should have their Pride and Joy, and this particular one is an amazing machine people are jealous about. Factory condition 2004 Honda NSX, one of the last Japanese supercars, Japanese Ferraris produced by Honda. You won't find them often on the streets, and...

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    If you are looking for a professional photographer, we are here to help. Car photography is what we do, but we don’t limit ourselves only to the automotive industry. We also work with aviation and marine. We are not afraid of any different type of work, like product or events photoshoots and we’ve got plenty of experience in these areas.