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Random videos from my work, behind the scenes, trackdays or anything car related. Hard to say at this moment as I still try to figure out what is going to be here ;)

Track Laps – Hyundai i30N Performance – Brands Hatch Indy

Just a perfect day and the very first trackday in 2020. We are still in lockdown, but finally it got relaxed a bit, enough to start enjoying life. My first time at Brands Hatch. Before that I only raced this circuit in simulators, which probably doesn't count a lot,...

Track Laps – Honda Civic Type-R FD2 – Goodwood Circuit

Back in 2017, we went for a trackday at Goodwood with fellow FD2 owners to have a bit of fun and test our cars on the track. It was my first time lapping the circuit and it was my first time in the Civic on track. Sounds like a perfect occasion for a video in case I...

The best of 2019. Automotive & Aviation Photography. Year Summary.

Another year has just ended, and it was a great one with so many surprises and unexpected moments. For me, it was a year of change and the six-month break right in the middle, contributed to it significantly. I've managed to pull off some great photoshoots, met a lot...

The Making Of: Lamborghini Huracan Performante Halloween Edition

This is a video from the postprocessing in Lightroom and Photoshop of the Halloween Huracan I did a while ago. Three and half hours of work, squeezed into a 10 minutes video. Putting together the layers, fitting the car into the new backplate, retouching, a lot of...
Track Laps – Jaguar F-Type R – Silverstone GP

Track Laps – Jaguar F-Type R – Silverstone GP

Starting from The Wing pits and going all around the Silverstone GP configuration. Jaguar F-Type R first lap which is definitely not the fastest and due to technical difficulties, I lost OBD data records :/ During other sessions I had problems connecting GoPro, so...

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    If you are looking for a professional photographer, we are here to help. Car photography is what we do, but we don't limit ourselves only to the automotive industry. We also work with aviation and marine. We are not afraid of any different type of work, like product or events photoshoots and we've got plenty of experience in these areas.