A couple of examples of the most common print media. From soft, classic photo paper prints to framed wall art. You can find explanation for each one of the right here.

Aluminium Prints

Make images pop with the latest in high definition metal print technology. Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, the Alumini creates an eye-catching metal wall art feature in any environment. It is hard to get better quality wall art than this, and we've got ourselves a couple of photos in this format around the office. Our favourite print material!

Please note that due to the natural materials used, imperfections in the aluminium surface may be visible through the image.

Acrylic Prints

Choose a wall product that creates a focal point in any room with the Gloss Print with 4mm Gloss Acrylic. I said it is hard to get any better than Aluminium prints, but Acrylic is such an example. Stunning results and best colour and quality reproduction available.

Art Panel

Images are photographically printed on quality Fuji DP2 paper maximum contrast, are laminated and come in a Satin finish with UV protection. An industry-leading black edge band around the panels providing a subtle finished seal. The Art Panel has a metal plate fixing on the back allowing you to hang it effortlessly while rubber bumpers are included so it sits evenly on any wall.


Are you looking for something else?

There are many different ways to print pictures. We like the clean and elegant style on high-quality materials, but if you are looking for framed art, or maybe you like canvas, or you want the photo to be printed on a piece of wood. It is all possible. Please drop us an email, and we will help you.