Car dealership photography

We provide high-quality photography and 360° views of your car stock for Internet use on Pistonheads, Autotrader, Facebook, Instagram, website or for any other advertising and media.

Pictures with a unique style and consistent quality will help to build your brand’s recognition on the Internet. Products you offer will stand out from the crowd, and people will recognise you solely based on photos before they click on an advert. Customers trust companies that take care of their brand image, look professional and provide high-quality experience throughout the whole purchase journey. That’s what builds trust and lets you sell your products to another happy buyer.

Websites such as Autotrader or Pistonheads are usually the first place where people look for their next car. It is a tough market, and it’s hard to gain any visibility when your vehicles blend with 500.000 others. You can always buy adverts, but they are expensive, and people don’t generally favour listings that show in search out of order with the “promoted” text next to them.

Photos we take can be easily used to create SEO-friendly content on your website, Instagram and Facebook to increase your audience size and engagement. This is an effective way to gain more free exposure and create a positive vibe around your business, particularly if you deal with luxury, performance or supercars. Good content may go viral and be a free advertisement for you.

Convinced? Give us a call and let’s discuss your needs and see how we can help you today.

Our photoshoots usually take a full day (or half-day) to cover many cars in one go. Majority of our clients opt-in for regular and recurring service and that helps them focus on other important aspects of their work. They know pictures will arrive soon and don’t have to worry about logistics. The focus is to capture your cars in the best possible condition, show all the details and provide consistent quality. We want to present cars in their best, and natural look as this is what your clients will see in real life. Inside, outside, wheels, under the hood, photographed in good light and from every possible angle.

Something you won’t find too often is the 360° interactive photography of a car interior that can be promoted on your website. It gives the user a much better experience, and they can take control and move around the camera and see every detail. Looking for a new car may be for many people a very long, tedious process, and we can make it a little bit more fun. Put the potential client in control and allow them some freedom rather than solely rely on static pictures.

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you to achieve better results. If you are not 100% sure what you need, don’t worry, we are here to help.

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