SixZero Automotive Series

We created SixZero Series for those who like deep colours and dark, moody car art. Something to go well with modern interior design and give a beautiful contrast and character to bright rooms. SixZero or #000000 is a black colour in the digital world. This series is based on the principle that every subject was created and born out of the darkness to give that moody and dramatic vibe. We stepped into the light to reveal the beauty.

Enjoy the journey

Fairlady, The 370Z

I am a continuation of the classic Z series, the very first Z Fairlady from the 70s'. I am Nissan 370Z, a modern sports car built in the country of the rising sun, cruising through the dark streets of the British empire. I am a badass, breaking the night with light and rules of fun.

Brothers in Arms

I'm not a thing, I'm not a toy, and I'm not ordinary. When your day is cast with boredom and routine, I am your way out. On curvy roads of Elan Valley, on tyre-marked asphalt of Brands Hatch, that's where we belong. Leave your day behind and contrive your excitement.

Aventador, The Unforgettable

You know me, you recognize me, how could you ever forget me? I occupy the space deep in your brain where emotions are stored, and fantasies are born. No design is sufficient to describe me, and if you think that's mean, you should meet my brother, Centenario.

The Big Brother, Centenario

I was created to celebrate the work and life of Mr Ferruccio Lamborghini, who believed nothing is impossible. I am living, and fire-breathing proof that legendary and extraordinary form of car art is still possible. Call me Centenario.

M2, The Little One

Born from a racing DNA, I am a part of a large family, but no less capable than my bigger brothers. I'm not sensible, and you cannot tame me, but I will let you enjoy the journey if you are brave enough. I'm the four-wheeled genius you have always been attracted. The best flavour of the M-series.

Out of your league

Sophistication, innovation and performance, is that what you were looking for? You found me, the art and engineering marvel that does not have to impress a single soul in this world, yet, so many can't take their eyes off me, quietly whispering to themselves "you are out of my league".

The Future

The unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of our accomplished past. The world is moving at a fast pace, and I can assure you it is going to be inspiring. I know, I am the future, a well-defined vision of beauty, technology and full-blooded sports car's spirit.

Weird, but not

You can call me "Elise's weird brother", and I wouldn't mind. We are a part of the same family, but my temperament is what distances me from them. I'm here because I dare to be different and never felt into the abyss of mediocrity.

Out of the Zone

I'm here for only one reason - to take your off that comfy leather sofa and drag you far away from your comfort zone. The fun starts at the tip of our capabilities, not within them. I will find your limits, the edge of control and self-belief. You won't regret it.

The Savage Friend

I am the friend you are scared of - savage, unstoppable, dominating, ridiculous, ass-kicking... These are the words that describe me in every detail. If you are not afraid, come to find out yourself or... go and cry to your mama.

The story will continue...


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