The best of 2019. Automotive & Aviation Photography. Year Summary.

Another year has just ended, and it was a great one with so many surprises and unexpected moments. For me, it was a year of change and the six-month break right in the middle, contributed to it significantly. I've managed to pull off some great photoshoots, met a lot of interesting people, officially started my YouTube channel, rebuilt nineteen80one website from the ground up, updated my retouching flows, learnt a lot of new things, but most importantly - Nineteen80one became a limited company from August. It was a great year.

I am starting from the top five as these are probably the most exciting shot from 2019. Of course, this is a very subjective list, and it wasn't easy to choose only five photos from all the pictures I worked on in 2019. It's a mix of commercial photography and personal projects. There is no rule, as long as I like the photo, enjoyed the project and I believe it is worth sharing it with you.

You can view the whole blog post and not only Top 5 photographs from 2019.

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