The fastest Lotus ever. Lotus 3-Eleven.

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This is the very first production car of Lotus 3-Eleven and it had to be in signature Lotus' green & yellow colours (I like it more in silver). Great looking car and really, really fast with power-, mnoptto-weight ratio similar to Bugatti Veyron, although, this is faster, probably more fun to drive too, not mentioning cheaper (I know, I should not compare them). A proper driver-focused machine. If you are ever going to have a chance to drive it - DO IT! I had a chance to take it for some photos during Bell & Colvill's trackday at Goodwood, unfortunately I did not have enough time to take some proper rigshots. 10 minutes of spare time was enough to take one moving shot and static photos were a higher priority for me that time. I'm happy to share with you this gallery and I hope you enjoy it. In the meantime, I will try to figure out how I can get a 3-Eleven for few hours to do some rig-shot-moving-awesome-shots ;)

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