The land of beauty. Iceland

I finally organised myself to make a trip to Iceland. Early flight, strong wind during landing, problem with the booked car, but all finally sorted out. We started by driving around to see how things look like and by the time we’ve got to the hotel, I knew, I will have to come back here again. Stunning views and managed to see a lot nice things and places around south & west part of the island. We did almost 2000km by car and many, many kilometres on foot (not enough in my opinion but I will fix it next time). Temperature outside is around 0 degrees and winds at 30km/h+ wasn’t that bad. Beautiful waterfalls, mountain views, volcanos, geysers, thermal streams… it is all just to much to describe in words. This is my first attempt with landscape photography and I’ve got a feeling not the last one. I hope you will enjoy it!  

Suðurnes (Southern Peninsula)

This is the area where we stayed, Keflavik. We’ve got it covered really well… The bridge on the below photos connects two continents Euroasia with Northern America, just in case you were wondering.

Southern Peninsula
Southern Peninsula Blue Lagoon
Southern Peninsula Grindavik
bridge between continents
Southern Peninsula
Southern Peninsula Lighthouse
Southern Peninsula Road
Southern Peninsula Lighthouse
Southern Peninsula Sandvik

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Beautiful lakes in mountains, still part of Suðurnes.

Reykjanesfolkvangur Kleifarvatn
Reykjanesfolkvangur Grænavatn
Reykjanesfolkvangur Grænavatn


Keflavik winter
Keflavik sunny


Almost 4km walk in the mountains but it’s worth it. At the end you can jump into a hot stream and enjoy the sunshine and rest a little bit. All you have to do is get rid off your clothes and survive this cold moment before you jump into warm water.

Reykjadalur river
Reykjadalur bridge
Reykjadalur river
Reykjadalur river


Black beach on south of the island, near Vik.

Reynisfjara stones
Reynisfjara black beach

Crashed DC3

That was probably my favourite part of the island. After 4km walk through the beach you can find a crashed DC3 please from 70’s. It was very windy that day, but sun was making it a little bit better and easier.

Crashed DC3 Iceland
Crashed DC3 black beach
Crashed DC3


Iceland is known for amazing waterfalls… Seljalandsfoss, Urridafoss, Skógafoss, Faxi, Gullfoss

Seljalandsfoss waterfall
Iceland Waterfalls
Urridafoss waterfall
Skogafoss waterfall

The Golden Circle

Probably the most popular trip you can take on west side of Iceland. Waterfalls, geysers and of course – Secret Lagoon. -2 degress, 25km/h wind and you don’t care, swimming in a 40 degrees warm pool ;)

Golden Circle Faxi
Golden Circle Faxi
Gulfoss waterfall
golden circle Kerio1
golden Circel secret lagoon
golden Circel secret lagoon


Reykjavik Sun Voyager
Reykjavik concert hall
Reykjavik Hallgrimskirkja

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