The perfect family road trip car. Volvo XC60

Once in a while, I happen to end up with a reasonable car. A few years ago, it was a BMW X1, and we did a photoshoot on a beach in Spain. This time it was something even bigger – Volvo XC60. At least this time, it wasn’t black. I’m not too fond of black cars, like most photographers ;)

I enjoy this one big SUV for a whole weekend. Very, very comfortable and a nice change from Lotuses and other very low and very engaging cars I usually drive. This time I could experience cruising with a high seating position, all the gadgets, accompanied by a relatively boring and not that exciting engine. Well, I didn’t expect the car to match anything I usually drive.

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This time we stayed in the UK due to covid restrictions, and I had a minimal choice of what I can do with the car and where we can take it. South of England sounded great, and I knew some lovely places around there which would match the car’s presence.

I decided to publish only photos from one particular evening. I enjoyed shooting the car in a sunset and wooden houses in the background. The rural environment seemed to fit the car most, and I had many opportunities for different angles and positioning of the vehicle.

The photoshoot was a success, and it is always fun to shoot something a bit different comparing to the regular stuff I usually do.

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On-location photoshoots

Sun, rain, wind or maybe even snow. On-location photoshoots with cars are always different from each other, and it is interesting to see how places vary throughout the day. Sometimes it is worth waiting for the right time, for the right moment and only then, bring a car and do a proper photoshoot. Studio photography is excellent, but sometimes it lacks the vibe that can be found in magical places around the world.

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