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The only way we can help you is by talking to you first to understand what you need and how we can add value.  Drop us an email or call to discuss what is you are looking for and how we can help you. We’ll tell you the exact steps for getting started. If we aren’t a perfect fit, we’re happy to share other resources to help you get what you need. 

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What others are saying

Having used the photography services of nineteen80one for some 8 years now I’ve never been anything but amazed by the images delivered, every single time. With their own unique, mind blowing style the creative and technical aspects of their photography are second to none producing pictures that really tell the story of the subject. Hard working, diligent and immensely talented, I’d have no hesitation in recommending you call them today and make a booking!

Andy 'Bibs' Betts

Founder, The Lotus Forums - Lotus Official Community Partner

I’ve come across Andrew’s details when I was looking for an automotive photography specialist. My main objective was to find someone who can not only take great pictures of cars but also capture the right moment and details. I wanted to work with a professional photographer who understands what I want to achieve, and I found one. I’ve worked with Andrew on two occasions. The first time when we created a portfolio of cars I worked on, including ones at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. The second time we focused on pictures of my brand and products. Andrew was very professional, well organised and with great attention to details. Communication was excellent from start to finish.


Owner, Könings Detailing

I contacted many years ago because I have admired his photographic composition with automotive. I have used artistic photography in advertising campaigns and print media. I most recently hired nineteen80one to cover my Automotive event photography. I appreciate being able to give a brief and have complete trust to capture what I need for my projects. My work is often high pressure and last minute and changeable, being able to rely on Someone to be efficient and flexible is invaluable to me.


Founder, Motorsportwoman

Automotive and Aviation

Are you in transportation industry and looking for someone to help you bring the best out of your projects?

Automotive photography is the core of what we do. Our history is full of commercial work for various companies, brands and private projects, and photography competitions. All of our work throughout the last ten years was focused on creating unique and inspiring photography with vehicles at the centre. Our clients often describe our work in words such as “simplicity”, “no compromises” and “born from darkness”, but we love the bright and colourful pictures too.

Jets, helicopters and other types of aircraft is another part of our story and a long term passion. Whether in tight spaces of a small business jet or shooting in-flight of a large airliner, the goal is often the same – capturing “living in the skies” premium lifestyle. We helped companies to capture the best pictures of their aircraft fleets to support their marketing efforts, brochures and create web assets to promote businesses.

Automotive Aviation Marine Photography
Motorsport and Event Photography

Motorsport and
Events Photography

Are you representing a motorsport team or looking for someone to cover your event?

The majority of the motorsport photography is done on track and in pit lane during race events and trackdays. It’s not easy to take good shots of cars flying at 150mph on a pit straight, capture the important moments, but that’s what motorsport photography is all about.

Premium motorsport brands always require high-quality and stunning pictures for promotional materials and press releases. It is always important to create buzz to get attention from media and sponsors. Actions shots from a race are essential part of the event, but they are not the only thing worth capturing throughout the day. Since we usually have the car and the whole team in one place, it’s an excellent opportunity for some fantastic shots.Drivers, cars, teams, sponsors – they all are a part of a motorsport life which create a story. Photography is the most effective way to promote your team’s work, and the internet loves captivating content.

We covered a various motorsport events around the UK and Europe. From MotoGP at Silverstone, through Lotus Cup Series, GT Series, BTCC racing and even truck racing. We know how to stay safe, where the sweet spots around the track are, and how to get to them to take the best shot.

You can always find us where cars are even on events like launch of Lotus Exige LF1 with Pastor Maldonado & Charles Pic at Silverstone, Rally Legends with Didier Auriol or Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch. If that’s not enough, every year we are obsesively covering Geneva International Motor Show.

About Nineteen80one

Throughout the years, I’ve been working with multiple clients and brands, helping them build their social media content and advertising campaigns. You can find some of our work across a variety of automotive magazines around the UK in the form of editorial or advertising photography. Our work was even featured in Pitbox Magazine in South Korea, won a couple of photography competitions, and featured as Picture of the Week on One Eyeland Gallery.

Nineteen80one was created over a decade ago. Within the first years, I worked on a freelance basis, focusing mostly on automotive photography, motorsport & events. From 2019, Nineteen80one has officially become Nineteen80one Ltd., and it is now fully dedicated to commercial and editorial work within the transportation industry – land, sea and air.

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